Goodpack Transforms S&OP with Artificial Intelligence



Keeping track of four million large metal shipping containers—getting them to and from rental customers around the world, ASAP—is no easy task. Learn how one market leader, Goodpack significantly improved their sales planning operations, and boosted profits, thanks to AI-powered demand forecasting solutions from

"We were impressed by Antuit’s domain expertise and ability to demonstrate the positive impact of advanced analytics on our business. I’m confident that Antuit’s platform will transform our supply chain planning into a data-driven, customer-centric strategic business enabler."

Kenneth Hee

CIO, Goodpack


  • Goodpack’s management team realized their existing S&OP processes were outmoded and inefficient, creating various bottlenecks across an enterprise where smart asset allocation and swift global logistics are critical. They turned to to design and deploy a data-driven analytical decision support engine that would successfully streamline their end-to-end operations, benchmarking KPIs against AI-powered insights


  • A robust data-driven monthly S&OP process.
  • Improved forecast accuracy for key business verticals in the range of 5-12%.
  • Estimated global transportation cost reductions of 14-17%.
  • Ongoing refinements by the data science team.



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