's focus and deep domain experience in retail, Consumer Goods, and manufacturing enables us to build industry-specific solutions that drive measurable results – quickly. Leading brands such as PepsiCo, Belk, and Unilever choose Antuit to apply proven, advanced analytics solutions to solve their unique business needs and challenges. 

  • Retail



    Technology has transformed how your consumers research, engage and shop for goods and services. You must respond to this dynamic retail landscape and changing expectations by finding faster and smarter ways to predict, shape and meet demand.

    Antuit helps you leverage both online and offline data to make more profitable decisions. We unlock value with data for a variety of retailers including general merchandisers and grocery chains, as well as specialty and fashion.

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  • Consumer Goods


    Consumer Goods

    Today’s consumers expect customized, connected, cross-channel experiences. Success in this increasingly fast-moving digital age depends not only on getting the right product placed in the right retail channel but also on optimal pricing, and promotion strategies. 

    Antuit accelerates your journey from insight to action by helping you identify key consumer trends and preferences, and prescribing actions. We uncover demand drivers, anticipate customer preferences and demand, and enable more profitable decisions.

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  • Manufacturing


    Manufacturing & Logistics

    Manufacturers are challenged to satisfy shifting demand patterns, continuous cost pressures and tighter customer delivery preferences to stay competitive. Success requires anticipating demand in time, determining optimal supply to meet it, sourcing and manufacturing profitably, and monitoring execution to plan.

    Antuit works with you to leverage increasing amounts and types of data to anticipate customer preferences better, forecast demand, improve operational performance and drive better collaboration across organization functions to the delivery superior customer experience.

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Demand analytics solutions

Antuit focuses on demand analytics solutions across the value chain for retail, CPG and manufacturing.


How we solve the demand equation

Antuit uncovers the demand signals hidden in your data to transform your bottom line.

How we work with you

How we work with you

From initial demand diagnostics that identify areas of improvement to Big Data analytics engagements, Antuit is your partner of choice.

 Drive demand across your enterprise with AI-powered analytics

See how Antuit's advanced analytics solutions leverage AI and machine learning to deliver insights that drive prescriptive actions and business transformation across an enterprise.

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