• How AI Applications and Data-Driven Solutions are Table Stakes for Successful Supply Chain Management

    Over the years consumer demands and expectations have changed so dramatically with not only technological advancements, but also now by global events. To stay on pace, many are turning to AI as a means to better servicing their consumers demands and many are agreeing that the time is truly now for AI.

  • How to bring AI under your control

    A challenge in today’s CPG and Retail world is the changing customer, as humans cannot work at compute speeds. . .so what is a solution? According to David Hawkings SVP of EMEA, it is adopting the right AI for your data scientists and much more.

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  • A runaway retail stock you've never heard of just made its third acquisition of 2021

    After 18 months of outsized e-commerce growth, Zebra's stock is on an extended climb. Now the company is building a slate of skills beyond the bricks and mortar of e-commerce, with an acquisition spree. The latest is the forecasting platform Antuit.ai.

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  • Direct-to-consumer commerce is data-driven

    Easy to start, but hard to scale, is the reality that has bitten direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands in the last two years. David Hawkings says there is an answer, and it lies in both the data and the AI engine that drives it.

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  • Antuit.ai Supports Better Size Demand Planning at the SKU and Store Level

    Antuit.ai offers a Size Optimization solution that taps artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to deliver size optimization precision through a Cloud-Native AI Demand Intelligence Platform.

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  • Five benefits of effective multichannel inventory management

    Read about the challenges of multichannel inventory management, including expert opinion from demand forecasting company Antuit and order management system OneStock on the challenges for multichannel brands.

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