Assortment Planning & Optimization

Improve Your Assortment Strategy & Mix

  • Build a strategy driven by localized consumer demand
  • Identify missed sales and inventory opportunities with intelligent clustering
  • Evaluate key product attributes that drive consumption for each consumer purchase decision
  • Optimize mix for depth and breadth with risk analysis to prevent over or under buying
  • Gain efficiencies through solution automation and data harmonization between merchandising, planning, finance, and sourcing


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Identified assortment opportunities

increasing customer loyalty and resulting in 3% additional revenue

Improved decision-making efficiency

through integration, automation, and AI that led to 4% more margin

Aligned assortment to local & fulfillment demand

achieving 5% improvement in unit sales and fewer markdowns

Transform Assortment Decisions With AI

Improve customer loyalty, increase turns, increase stock-to-sales ratios, and drive profitability through understanding consumer demand patterns that inform intelligent clustering, assortment selection, and assortment optimization.

In this video, Alex Barnes highlights some retail challenges and how uniquely solves them.

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Assortment Optimization in Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Assortment Optimization in Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Without a good start, you must work harder to catch up, and inefficient processes make that nearly impossible.

By starting with a better assortment mix executed in an effective manner, there are less movement of inventory and fewer markdowns.

That specialty item may be hot in the North East, but few care about it in the Heartland


Download Solution Sheet (PDF)