Commercial Planning

Precise Sales and Account Planning

  • Accurate bottom-up consumption-driven base forecast and uplifts
  • Reliable elasticities that incorporate cannibalization and halo effects across the portfolio
  • True base demand and uplifts determined from the impact of demand drivers, not approximate increments over last year numbers
  • Intuitive user interface to add drivers, compare with last year, and slice and dice various alternatives
  • Rapidly simulate and predict multiple strategic options leveraging a Unified Demand Signal


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Consumption Sensing – From the Experts

Joe Vernon, Capgemini America Retail and CPG Transformation Leader, and Siva Lakshmanan, EVP Forecasting & Digital Supply Chain, discuss next generation forecasting, Consumption Sensing, and how it detects consumer behavior shifts much more quickly and accurately than traditional methods.

A More Accurate Forecast

Many companies struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet of those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their processes.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Nicholas Wegman explains how to overcome these challenges.

Watch the 1-minute summary video.