We empower those closest to the consumer

with unrivaled forecasting, connected planning, and ROI analysis

Unrivaled Forecasting

Evaluate every demand driver to accurately forecast and sense consumer demand.

Connected Planning

Integrate decisioning across finance, sales, and supply chain through a unified demand signal.

ROI Analysis

Calculate ROI projections based on sell-in/sell-out impacts of various contract terms.

Assortment Optimization

Discover Products Consumers Want

  • Focus on the products, sizes, channels, and customers to drive innovation, profitability, and market share
  • Manage shifting market conditions through machine learning, consumer decision trees and non-volume independent clustering
  • Discover attribute importance within product architecture formation
  • Incorporate demand across territories and channels
  • Evaluate various product mixes to generate the best localized assortment

Transform Assortment Decisions With AI

Why is upstream planning so difficult today? How do you get it right? Alex Barnes explains how Assortment and AI can converge to ease this burden, as well as how antuit.ai uniquely solves the issues that companies face.

Watch this 1-minute summary video.

“We see Antuit.ai as having a unique set of capabilities that will appeal to areas of the enterprise previously not engaged with RGM. They offer strength in pricing and assortment analytics with a solid forecast, and they are investing to grow.”

- POI, RGM Vendor Panorama Report

Price Optimization

Identify Strategic Pricing Opportunities

  • Unlock sales and market share with relevant shelf pricing
  • Simulate the impact of competitors’ price moves against your prices
  • Evaluate pricing decisions across markets, channels, and products
  • Build price/pack architectures balancing market sensitivity, volume, profit, and revenue
  • Easily adopt new RGM processes through an intuitive UI and effective price analytics
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2-5% more revenue

by aligning prices to consumers’ expectations

1-2% improvement of margin

from finding the right opportunities to raise prices

1-1.5% increase of market share

through better competitive price positioning

Effortless Strategic & Competitive Pricing

While it may be new for some, price optimization is already proven in the market and listed as a top AI technology for companies. But for those unfamiliar with price optimization, what can you expect? And what does antuit.ai’s solution deliver for RGM strategies?

Watch this short video to learn more.

Trade Promotion Optimization (TPO)

Maximize Trade Spend ROI

  • Maximize the effectiveness of trade promotion management (TPM) with trade promotion optimization (TPO)
  • Optimize trade spend across channels, accounts, and tactics based on frequency, depth, placement, and offering
  • Understand the investment efficacy through a demand-driven forecast
  • Evaluate ROI, uplift %, revenue, and volume at the Promotional Product Group (PPG) or SKU level
  • Improve account execution plan through scenario and post event analysis
Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

22% improvement of ROI

achieved by eliminating promotions that did not add value

14% additional revenue

by properly investing in channels and markets that drive new sales

20% increase of unit sales

by identifying opportunities that will move additional product

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