Improve Customer Engagement, Drive Sales, and Lower Overhead Costs

  • Engage customers with relevant experiences that drive sales in the short-term and build loyalty over the long-term
  • Deliver individualized messages, content, and offers across owned and paid channels in real time at scale
  • Specify business outcomes to be achieved by automated decisioning instead of marketing inputs to be executed
  • Measure the incremental sales effect of marketing at a customer level on an ongoing basis for continuous optimization


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Propelled company revenue

by providing $150M in incremental sales per year

Connected with customers

delivering hyper-personalization at scale that did not require scaling a team

Amplified marketing successes

by increasing programs’ conversion rates by 30%

Personalization Challenges

Meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations, that is what personalization is all about. But many companies aren’t achieving this goal, and it’s not for lack of effort.
In this video, Anthony Wintheiser talks about the challenges of personalization.
Watch the 1-minute summary video.

Personalization in Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Do the opposite of trying to move all merchandise with generic messages and heavy discounts. Instead:

  • Identify which inventory needs to move
  • Identify which customers have the highest propensity for that merchandise
  • Identify what discount to offer to each customer to achieve the sales/margin target

Deliver curated messages at the right time and on the right channel that feature products of interest at prices that will drive conversion and margin.

Download Solution Sheet (PDF)