Harness predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve service performance and reduce costs

What if supply could be predictable too? Predictable – not because it’s fixed or slow to change – but because you can consistently deliver high customer service at low cost, even when demand changes are unforeseeable and fast. We enable the design, optimization and operation of high-performance supply chains through the alignment of decisions across timescales, inventory and business functions. Through the right mix of domain expertise, data science and technology, we help you develop a predictable supply chain – one where expedites are no longer the norm, risk and returns are continuously balanced and firefighting is minimized.

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Integrated Business Planning

Delivering to customer demand involves balancing often conflicting objectives. Operational day-to-day decisions must align with strategy, budget, and the tactical plan. We utilize advanced analytics, from forecasting and demand consensus to supply-demand balancing and inventory optimization, overlaying what-if analysis on top to transform the organizational S&OP from manual guesswork to a machine learning and prescriptive analytics-driven process.

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Optimizing Product Flow

Today's supply chains span the globe. Components and finished goods are manufactured internally as well as sourced from contract manufacturers and suppliers. Products can be stored at supplier warehouses, in the channel or even at customer locations. We can optimize your product flow so you can determine what to make, as well as when and where to make it; what to store where, and which demands are impacted by supply constraints.

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Designing Your Supply Chain Network

A responsive and cost-efficient supply chain requires the right structure. Whether you’re adding a new plant, deciding to make or buy a product, or allocating distribution centers in an omni-channel network, we combine traditional optimization-based network design with advanced financial modeling to develop the best possible recommendations. This approach maximizes ROI on supply chain assets and delivers a higher level of service.

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