AI Supercharges Fashion Inventory and Elevates Weekly In-Season Sales



Learn how a leading omnichannel fashion retailer overcame inventory challenges with's AI-driven Lifecycle Pricing and Markdown Optimization. In just four months, the pilot implementation revolutionized clearance pricing, increasing their sell-through rate and site-level pricing precision. The result: a significant boost in clearance inventory turnover without compromising margins, ensuring a profitable outcome.

“ has made spreadsheet-based pricing implementation a thing of the distant past. We look forward to embracing more AI-driven capabilities from their suit of capabilities.”


This omnichannel fashion retailer grappled with multichannel inventory complexities, hindered by manual Excel tools. The growing e-commerce landscape and siloed decisions led to understock and overstock issues. Without holistic pricing views, in-season clearance and fulfillment decisions became increasingly challenging, impacting revenue, margin, and overall inventory management efficiency.


  • A pilot implementation, delivered in under 4 months, that met success criteria and led to company-wide adoption. 
  • Support for pricing optimized to the regional and site level driven by AI-enabled demand forecasting operating at that level of precision. 
  • Markdown pricing that reflected the margin benefits from the optimal fulfillment path. 
  • Price banding controls that worked in conjunction with the realities of merchandising.

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