NRF 2021 | Chapter One
Virtual Event | JAN. 12–14, 19 and 21–22, 2021
Due to the ever-changing environment, NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show will have two parts. Chapter One addresses the immediate needs facing retailers today and serves as a jumping-off point for Chapter Two, which will be in June. Chapter One is an online version that includes curated sessions, networking programs, and a virtual Expo.

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RIS NEWS Webinar with Forrester:  Anticipatory Analytics Help Retailers Adapt to the New Normal
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More than half of brands say they struggle to satisfy a customer’s appetite for home delivery and buy online pick up (or return) in store. They worry a single failure might lose them that customer for a few months or life. Join this webinar to hear analyst George Lawrie from Forrester Research and Yogesh Kulkarni from to hear the latest research in which 164 footwear and apparel brands described their challenges in adapting to post pandemic shopping patterns.

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North American E-tail Operations Summit 
Retailers are experiencing a 100% increase in online sales, but six to eight percentage points of margin loss. At NAEOS20 Yogesh Kulkarni explained how to anticipate demand, properly place and flow inventory, and manage fulfillment to maximize margins and improve the customer experience.

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NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC)
Through AI advancements, hyper-personalization and individualization for marketing is now reaching its true potential. At the GTC 2020, Anthony Wintheiser, SVP Marketing & Price Analytics, showcased how personalization has evolved and what the future holds with the latest advances in data science, cloud technology, and computing power. 

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Webinar:  Demand Forecasting Through and Out of the COVID Chasm
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One of the hottest topics for both retail and consumer products is how to best forecast demand – both during the active time of the pandemic and after.  In this webinar, you will hear from forecasting experts, Siva Lakshmanan and Nicholas Wegman, PhD, explain how companies are incorporating their unique, leading indicator external data sets, along with their historical data, to build an AI intelligence layer to augment human intuition to guide them through COVID and into the recovery period. (Download Webinar Slides)

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