We Unify Forecasting for Agile Operations

By extracting maximum predictability from the data

Unified Forecast

Evaluate every demand driver, including trends, seasonality, pricing, promotion, and events.

AI Models

Use intelligent, machine learning algorithms to strengthen business decisions.

Hyper Localized

Automatically anticipate the demand of every consumer, in every location for every SKU.

Analytical Accuracy

Generate accurate forecasts for all products including new, slow-moving, and end-of-life goods.

Demand Forecasting

Anticipate Consumer Demand

  • Predict consumer demand, in every location, for every SKU
  • Incorporate localized events along with seasonality, pricing, promotions, and product lifecycles
  • Create demand forecasts across multiple time horizons, including near-term demand sensing
  • Perform DTC forecasting, e-commerce forecasting, and Amazon forecasting
  • Combine projections from Supply Chain, Finance, Sales, and Marketing into a Unified Demand Signal
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Improved OTIF and ATP

with a 2700 BPS increase in forecast accuracy

$60M increase in EBITDA

achieved by reducing inventory and increasing sales

3% reduction in food waste

saving millions annually by aligning shelf stock to consumer demand

Consumption Sensing – Next Generation Forecasting

Over reliance on historical sales, shipments, or retail orders fail to sense consumer demand shifts, leaving orders unfilled.  Companies must start using external leading indicators to sense consumer demand and shifts.

Watch this 1-minute summary video to understand why.

Demand Planning

Connect the Enterprise

  • Shorten planning timeline by automatically segmenting forecasts into “no-touch”, “low-touch”, and “high-touch” areas
  • Speed analysis through AI recommendations and automatically highlight anomalies
  • Enhance resolution management with visualizations, rapid drill downs, tagging, and overriding when plan and forecasts don’t match
  • Improve collaboration between Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, and Finance by evaluating each demand driver
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Improved operational efficiency

by going from 0% to 60% ‘no touch’ demand planning

Increased market responsiveness

by reducing planning time by 15%

Enhanced organizational collaboration

and achieved a 10% gain in planner productivity

Improve Demand Planning through an Accurate Forecast

Many companies struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet of those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their processes.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Nicholas Wegman explains how to overcome these challenges.

Watch the 1-minute summary video.

DSD Predictive Ordering

Deliver Store Orders Aligned to Consumer Demand

  • Deliver perfect orders to the shelf for every Store/SKU/Day
  • Reduce lost sales, returns, and waste through alignment with consumer demand
  • Provide an easy and efficient ordering experience to frontline sales staff through a laptop or tablet
  • Leverage AI-powered replenishment for ordering that considers real-world constraints
Download Solution Sheet (PDF)
Predicted what consumers wanted

on an hourly basis with a 20% improvement of SKU/Store accuracy

3% improvement of profit margins

realized by having the right inventory in stores at the right time

Scaled for global sales operations

and supported 10,000+ parallel users

Our Demand Forecasting combined with your Expertise

Want to get the best AI Demand Forecasting, but don’t want to get locked out? Try the AI Demand Modeling Studio. This solution brings highly extendable, pre-configured AI models and machine learning pipelines to your fingertips, but still allows your data science team to bring their own models and experimentation.

Watch this demo.

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