Access a library of proven algorithms designed to address use cases across forecasting, demand sensing, optimization and more. Empower transformation with no code / low code interfaces. Configure science to meaningful business value, while providing analysis tools that unify demand intelligence for easier consumption. With Workcloud Forecasting and Analysis powered by, you'll receive the intelligence, insights and innovation to drive greater value for your organization. 

Configure Science to Meaningful Business Value

By forecasting store and online fulfillment demand for every SKU and location

Algorithmic Empowerment

Proven algorithms for forecasting, demand sensing, optimization, and more.

Innovative Intelligence Hub

Empower transformation effortlessly with no code/low code interfaces.

Integrated Demand Insights

Seamlessly translate forecasting insights into actionable business strategies leveraging analysis tools for comprehensive demand intelligence.
Bimbo Bakeries USA

30% reduction in forecast errors

Estee Lauder Companies

9% improved forecast accuracy

Large Fashion Retail Clothing Chain

50%+ WMAPE <10% bias

Unified Signal Video Overview

In this short video, Nicholas Wegman, PhD, explains how a Unified Demand Signal delivers a more accurate forecast.
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Solution Sheet: Workcloud Modeling Studio

Supercharge your retail data science team with AI-powered insights. Streamline decision-making and drive business success.
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Solution Sheet: Workcloud Demand Analysis

Drive efficiencies and respond better to market changes through AI-powered collaborative demand planning.
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Case Studies

Getting the Numbers Right: AI Solutions for Grocery Demand Forecasting Blog: Getting the Numbers Right for Grocery — The Emerging Role of AI-powered Demand Forecasting Solutions to Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions
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eBook: Six Use Cases for Demand Forecasting & Planning

Unleash AI's potential in retail, supply chain, and grocery with '6 Use Cases for Demand Forecasting & Planning' eBook. Optimize, thrive, and grow!
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Empowering the Frontline: Inside Grupo Bimbo’s AI-powered Transformation Blog: Our role in the AI-powered transformation of the world’s largest bakery company, as presented at the 2023 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium
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eBook: 10 Keys to Successful AI/ML Adoption & Transformation eBook: ‘10 Keys to Successful AI/ML Adoption & Transformation’—a valuable roadmap for retailers and CPGs to plan and deploy their AI solutions.
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