We optimize markdowns and promotions for today’s retailing

Increase sell-through and profits while delivering discounts that customers seek


Analyze store demand, online fulfillment demand, and returns for every SKU.


Predict consumer demand pre-season and sense changes for in-season adjustments.


Synchronize pricing, allocation, assortment, and fulfillment through a single demand driven forecast.

Markdown Optimization

Intelligent Omnichannel Clearance

  • Optimize clearance across the enterprise for all channels, locations, and brands
  • Leverage omnichannel demand, including store demand, online demand, and fulfillment demand, in markdown planning
  • Drive clean transitions, improved sell through, and higher margins
  • Align pricing and fulfillment to expedite online order fulfillment from slower turning stores and lower overall markdowns
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Maximized in-season inventory flow

by increasing sell-through by 20% while still improving margins

Reduced markdown liabilities

which manifested into 4% more gross margin

Lowered carrying costs

as shown through a 50% reduction in days-on-hand inventory

Video:  Capitalizing on Omnichannel Pricing & Fulfillment

Best of breed retailers are operationalizing inventory fluidity to both reduce lost sales and raise margins in how they fulfill demand. However, doing this without an understanding of future price effects risks offsetting margin and sales gains. David Barach provides a short overview how retailers can capitalize on this with antuit.ai, while avoiding a quagmire being overwhelmed by individual detail decisions.

Watch the 1-minute summary video.

Promotion Optimization

Improve in-season promotion prices and events

  • Simulate weekly, in-season sales based on demand profile
  • Recommend discounts to grow or maintain sales velocity throughout the selling period
  • Evaluate different promotional vehicles and offers against the optimized price by product groups, styles, or individual items
  • Track promotional effectiveness over time to improve future promotional planning
  • Integrate with markdown pricing to ensure a smooth end-of-season transition
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Case Study:  Sell-through up 10%; Margins up 6%

A global footwear & apparel retailer implemented Markdown Optimization to localize pricing, avoid aged-inventory, and adjust to a shifting market. The immediate financial payback justified the investment: increase in sell-through, margins, and AUR by 10%, 6%, & 3%, respectively. Reducing the markdown workload was life-changing for the users. That’s sustained success.

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