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Antuit.ai offers solutions that inform the most important business decisions, from supply chain to merchandising to marketing, empowering world-class retail and consumer products companies to digitally transform their businesses to achieve substantial business results.

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We are the leader in AI-powered Demand Forecasting and Shaping cloud solutions for Retail and Consumer Goods companies. Led by industry leaders along with our team of Ph.Ds., data scientists, technologists, and domain experts, we deliver outsized business results at scale.

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Antuit.ai makes our business better by helping us make better decisions. The team we have from antuit.ai is the best team we have worked with, and will work with. That is why we want to continue working with them.

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From initial demand diagnostics that identify key areas of improvement to deploying the right AI-powered solutions, antuit.ai will be with you every step of the way.


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The Art and Science of Forecasting in Retail and CPG


With growing eCommerce channels and increased online shopping behavior, omnichannel retailers are grappling with the increased complexity brought on, in part, by current events, but more so the anticipated need to combine online and in-store merchandising, especially for the “new normal.” Siloed decisions around allocation, promotions, in-season pricinginventory transfers, and fulfillment will fail to deliver the expected margin performance unless they address the interconnectedness of online and stores. 

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Getting the Numbers Right: AI Solutions for Grocery Demand Forecasting


The grocery sector was arguably hit as hard by the pandemic as any and is still dealing with the most persistent hangover—namely ongoing supply shortages, inventory imbalances, and excessive spoilage and waste.

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Infographic: Building a Blueprint for Resilient CPG Supply Chains


As supply chain disruptions continue, how can CPGs build resiliency into their end-to-end operations—while also contributing toward their sustainability goals? We look at stats, solutions, and strategies, created in partnership with CGT.

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Retail Pricing: Time to Break Some Old Rules?

Among other reasons we’ve talked about, many retailers are looking at AI-powered pricing solutions because they feel confined by strict sets of pricing rules and policies, often put in place many years ago—long before modern data science was even a concept.

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