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Antuit.ai offers solutions that inform the most important business decisions, from supply chain to merchandising to marketing, empowering world-class retail and consumer products companies to digitally transform their businesses to achieve substantial business results.

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We are the leader in AI-powered Demand Forecasting and Shaping cloud solutions for Retail and Consumer Goods companies. Led by industry leaders along with our team of Ph.Ds., data scientists, technologists, and domain experts, we deliver outsized business results at scale.

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Antuit.ai makes our business better by helping us make better decisions. The team we have from antuit.ai is the best team we have worked with, and will work with. That is why we want to continue working with them.

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From initial demand diagnostics that identify key areas of improvement to deploying the right AI-powered solutions, antuit.ai will be with you every step of the way.



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Revolutionizing Retail through a Unified Demand Signal

Few things dramatically change society. Before the automobile, most people lived their entire life within 20 kilometers of their birth. The tractor, not the option of industrial labor jobs, made it possible for people to leave the heavy labor of farming. And the internet has also changed many facets of life, including allowing people to work from home. Now, AI and computing processing advancements have made the thought-intensive exercise of a single, demand-driven forecast (a Unified Demand Signal) a reality.

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The Supermarket Switch: Just 38% of shoppers stayed loyal to grocery brands during the pandemic

18 October, 2021 – Only a third of UK consumers stayed loyal to brands during the pandemic, shows the latest research from antuit.ai, the leader in SaaS Artificial Intelligence (AI) demand forecasting solutions.

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Stop the Trade Promotion Insanity. Embrace RGM.

The old paradigm of trade promotion investments has failed. Companies that continue to reinforce the process will realize short-lived, incremental improvements. CPG companies will never achieve the transformational results necessary for being nimble and growing in the new environment without a broader, strategic consumer-focused strategy.

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Preparing for the Holidays with Omnichannel Forecasting, Allocation, & Replenishment

After last year's record holiday sales growth (Yes, record – except for fashion retailers), this holiday is heating up to be another great year, with US sales expected to grow by 7.4%. Even clothing and other discretionary spending are expected to rise. But if the correct amount of inventory is not placed in the right locations, all that opportunity is lost.

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