It’s Always Been About the Demand
Know the Influencers

Thousands of factors can influence demand, and most don’t matter… until they do.

Predict the Shifts

Market volatility, demand spikes, production shortages…anticipate consumer demand or crash.

Align the Actions

One version of truth integrated into each business flow for alignment at all levels.

The Foundation for Connecting the Enterprise

Creates a single version of the truth through a Unified Demand Signal that feeds into our Consumer Product and Retail AI solutions to align business decisions across the organization.

Unrivaled Accuracy

World’s Most Accurate Forecast.

AI/ML Driven

Leverages the right AI models for data quality, purpose, and timeframe.

Hyper Localized

Drill into the detailed hierarchies, regions, channels, and merchandise.

Cloud Native Architecture

Built pure from the beginning to deliver reliability, scale, and security.

Near-Limitless Data Sources

Monitor countless data points, both internal and external.

Highly Scalable

Supports the volumes of the largest consumer products and retail companies.

A More Accurate Forecast

Many companies struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet of those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their processes.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Nicholas Wegman explains how to overcome these challenges.

Watch the 1-minute summary video.

"We were impressed by Antuit’s domain expertise and ability to demonstrate the positive impact of advanced analytics on our business. I’m confident that Antuit’s platform will transform our supply chain planning into a data-driven, customer-centric strategic business enabler."

 - CIO

Gain Access with the AI Demand Modeling Studio

Want to extend the AI Demand Intelligence Platform’s forecasting for your needs?

The AI Demand Modeling Studio provides ready-to-go, configurable, and extendable AI models and pipelines for solving essential forecasting needs - including demand forecasting, demand sensing, inventory optimization, promotional planning, and replenishment. But unlike standard forecasting solutions, your data science teams have access to the underlying transformers and components, empowering them to deliver incredible results into production, fast!

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