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Retail Solutions

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News and Updates

Case Study: PACSUN Boosts Inventory Efficiency and Lowers Costs through Omnichannel Allocation and Fulfillment

PACSUN online sales grew, straining operations and depressing margins. They added AI to their allocation / fulfillment processes to optimize inventory efficiency
Learn More Launches Omnichannel-Aware Solution Suite to Synchronize Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment

Omnichannel-aware is about positioning inventory intelligently, within your DC and store network, to be closest to the customer to enable fulfilling demand
Learn More Launches AI Demand Modeling Studio for Consumer Products and Retail Companies launches transformative AI solution that allows retail and CPG brands to nimbly adopt AI forecasting solutions without the overwhelming install.
Learn More named in 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions named in 2021 Gartner Market Guide for Retail Forecasting and Replenishment Solutions
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Real Results

Our clients use artificial intelligence, in production and at scale, to drive business decisions that result in substantial, financial impact. Read more about our client successes.

Supply Chain
6% + Increased gross margin

For fashion retailer with Data-Driven Forecasting

$60 M Increased gross margin

For CPG Beverage Company from Demand Planning

2% + Incremental annual sales

For Beverage Company with Trade Promotion Optimization

10% + Increased sell-through

For Footwear Retailer from Markdown Optimization

4X Increased response rate

For Grocery Retailer from 1:1 Personalized Offers

$80 M Incremental annual sales

For Casual Dining Restaurant from Personalized Marketing’s AI Platform

  • Built natively in the cloud with scalable distributed processing on Kubernetes Orchestration
  • AI models capable of digesting internal and external data
  • Delivers operational AI models through API integration, feeding either’s application suite or existing ERP solutions

Real AI

At, we differentiate ourselves from our competition with solutions that leverage AI/ML in unique ways to solve real business problems.

Rather than force fitting data through pre-defined data models, our SaaS IP blends industry-proven, artificial intelligence and machine learning models to deliver maximum predictability from the available data, at any level of time, product and market hierarchy. Developed in a native cloud architecture, our solutions deliver accuracy, at scale, pushing the boundaries of AI/ML to produce results that are truly innovative and transformative.

Our Difference combines cutting-edge AI SaaS solutions with deep industry expertise to enable our clients to make faster, smarter and more profitable decisions.

  • Leadership from SAP, SAS, IBM and Accenture
  • AI SaaS Solutions developed by 25+ patented PhD data scientists, Supply Chain & Merchandising award-winning product managers and innovative technologists
  • Industry experts from Amazon, Walmart, P&G, Mondelez, Home Depot, and Gap
  • Backed by Goldman Sachs and Zodius Capital
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Escape the Horrors with Revenue Growth Management

Companies have a difficult road ahead. Economic profit growth was 1/3 of the previous decade, and continuous cost pressures, supply shortages, and a changing consumer are creating a dreadful atmosphere. Worse, this will be the norm for the next 12-24 months. Hence, CPG companies are finding improvements using Revenue Growth Management.

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Revolutionizing Retail through a Unified Demand Signal

Few things dramatically change society. Before the automobile, most people lived their entire life within 20 kilometers of their birth. The tractor, not the option of industrial labor jobs, made it possible for people to leave the heavy labor of farming. And the internet has also changed many facets of life, including allowing people to work from home. Now, AI and computing processing advancements have made the thought-intensive exercise of a single, demand-driven forecast (a Unified Demand Signal) a reality.

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Stop the Trade Promotion Insanity. Embrace RGM.

The old paradigm of trade promotion investments has failed. Companies that continue to reinforce the process will realize short-lived, incremental improvements. CPG companies will never achieve the transformational results necessary for being nimble and growing in the new environment without a broader, strategic consumer-focused strategy.

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Preparing for the Holidays with Omnichannel Forecasting, Allocation, & Replenishment

After last year's record holiday sales growth (Yes, record – except for fashion retailers), this holiday is heating up to be another great year, with US sales expected to grow by 7.4%. Even clothing and other discretionary spending are expected to rise. But if the correct amount of inventory is not placed in the right locations, all that opportunity is lost.

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