Why antuit.ai?

We began with one goal in mind – to enable faster, smarter and more profitable decision-making that delivers measurable financial results.  We do this by delivering AI-powered SaaS solutions that generate next level consumer product and retail insights.

Different by Design

We combine deep domain expertise with the latest AI and cloud-based technologies to build industry-specific SaaS solutions for consumer products and retail companies that solve complex issues and operate at unprecedented speed and scale.

Fast Insights, Measurable Value

We put the power in the hands of our customers to speed up analysis, generate comprehensive insights, hone operations, increase revenue, and delight consumers. Antuit.ai delivers measurable value in under 90 days so you don’t have to wait 1-2 years to find out if your investment was worth the time and effort.

Unrivalled Expertise

We’ve assembled a team of thought leaders, industry experts, and data scientists who work with you to solve business problems and deliver significant, measurable results. Our people have the agility and expertise to make every deployment work flawlessly within your environment.

Cloud Native

Our cloud native technology platform can easily scale for the largest volumes and plug into your existing technology stack for quick deployment and seamless integration.

Committed to Innovation

We’re dedicated to the advancement of digital solutions through the practical application of AI and machine learning. Our solutions are built on future proof platforms engineered to incorporate new and more data, datasets, models, and computation modules. We partner with clients to solve complex problems across a range of functions.