Belk Finds Millions in Value through Advanced Analytics



Embracing new technologies and processes can bring some growing pains, especially if you’re a historic retailer doing business for more than 130 years. Learn how helped one venerable department store chain take a leap into the future, incorporating advanced analytics to keep on top of sales trends, streamline inventory, and achieve higher margins.

"Antuit not only delivers on its promises, but has gone above and beyond to design a solution that truly delivers superior results. We now have an end-to-end solution that we can rely on to help run our business efficiently."

Marty Anderson

VP Merchandising Business Process, Belk


Belk enlisted to play a key role in an ambitious $130 million smart technology initiative—moving beyond antiquated ARS-based forecasting to introduce AI-powered predictive analytics into their sales forecasting operations—including financial planning, allocation, and replenishment across its network of nearly 300 stores.


Results collaborated with Belk to design a tailored end-to-end demand forecasting platform, creating a centralized demand signal across all of Belk’s planning and fulfillment functions. This solution leverages advanced analytics such as seasonality, promotions, events and other relevant variables to deliver a stable and accurate forecast. This solution enables Belk managers

to efficiently plan future vendor purchases, allocating optimal amounts of product to each store to maximize sell-through, with the agility to quickly pivot to take advantage of emerging sales trends.

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