Beverage Company Improves Gross Profit with a Promotions Strategy



A major beverage company looked to boost market share for three underperforming brands across three primary distribution channels: big-box retailers, supermarkets, and convenience stores. They recognized their traditional promotional structure simply didn’t provide an ideal ROI. Learn how brought a fresh machine learning approach and advanced data science to refine targeted promotional spends—and deliver higher net profits.

Leveraging data analytics to evaluate past promotional spends across the brand portfolio, enabled the company to achieve ideal balances of brand, timeframe, and consumer preferences


The company’s traditional promotional strategies—largely centered on tie-ins to major sporting events—were delivering declining bang-for-the-buck. They in turn consulted with, who determined an extended AI-driven analysis would be a valuable resource. After examining data from 75 promotions over the past 12 months,’s data science team provided several surprising insights that would guide the company toward a more productive promotional strategy.

Results refined their findings into a series of “Golden Rules”—actionable recommendations for reversing ineffective promotions as well as basing future promotions around specific quantifiable metrics. These AI-inspired Golden Rules are detailed in our case study.


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