Beverage Company Improves Margins and Market Share



A leading alcoholic beverage company needed a “secret weapon” in their price optimization strategy, with an additional challenge—sustain market share in a region of the U.S. that prohibits promotion of alcohol products. Learn how the company teamed with to leverage AI and advanced data modeling to optimize margins and gain a foothold over competitors.

A deep competitive analysis, coupled with a stronger grasp of various sales levers, enabled the company to achieve what seemed impossible: improved sales and stronger margins while growing market share in an ever-competitive category.


With traditional marketing promotions off the table, the company sought an advanced data-driven pricing strategy that could actively spur sales while remaining in compliance with local regulations. This would require a detailed analysis of the company’s performance in relation to seasonality, production constraints, and consumer buying behavior as well as analysis of which competing brands posed the greatest threat to market share.


The team analyzed sales data and designed a competitive pricing model that would leverage AI and advanced data mining to maximize sales volume, margin, and regional market share. This would empower the company to agilely fine-tune their optimization strategy by brand and channel, delivering stronger net revenue.

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