Bimbo Bakeries USA Reduces Forecast Errors by Up to 30% 



Discover how Bimbo Bakeries USA, the US's largest bakery company, revolutionized their operations with's AI-driven solutions. By improving order accuracy, minimizing food waste, and empowering front-line teams, they achieved impressive results despite pandemic challenges. Dive into their innovative approach and remarkable success story!

“ was the perfect collaborator for the complex and sizeable challenges of Ion. Their AI forecasting and fulfillment expertise, augmented by a custom-fit user interface, achieved a significant step-change in both our order accuracy and organizational productivity. And the best part is that we did not have to wait years to feel the business impact.” 

Morgan Smith, VP of DSD Center of Excellence 


Bimbo Bakeries USA faced challenges in optimizing product freshness while ensuring product availability due to perishable nature and substitutable products. Forecast errors, worsened by COVID-19, led to missed sales from understocking and food waste from overstocking. Empowering the front-line with AI-driven demand forecasting through Ion transformed their operations with remarkable results. 


  • Up to 30% reduction in forecast errors. 
  • Modernized operations to help 20,000 associates maintain quality from the production line to store delivery. 
  • Forecast consistency despite pandemic volatility.

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