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David Barach

Solution Strategy

David Barach guides development and customer deployment of antuit.ai AI-powered data solutions specifically related to pricing optimization, inventory management and advanced demand forecasting for major retailers. 

David brings a unique background of 20 years in the retail data intelligence space, following multiple internal finance, planning, buying and store operations roles for retail giants Target, Macy’s, and Kroger. From this first-hand perspective in both retail and software, he has focused on the application of robust, leading-edge statistical analytic solutions for retailers’ age-old challenges of optimally aligning pricing and  inventory with shifting shopper demand. 

Joining antuit.ai in 2017, David consults directly with customers for successful custom development, deployment, and adoption of the company’s data solutions, driving high value creation and improved bottom-line results across core retail operations. 

David has a Master of Business Administration from Memphis State University and a Bachelor’s of Arts from Vanderbilt University.