What's in the whitepaper?


Multi-arm bandit algorithms

Identify the most profitable policies in the face of statistical uncertainties.


Leveraging growth opportunities

Ensure you always have the right product, at the right time, in the right place.


Solve complex supply chain challenges

Supplement human insight to explore and exploit the options that give you the best returns.


About the whitepaper

Traditional demand forecasting methods rely primarily on historical data, but if that data too heavily influences the forecast, a supplier can miss out on strong growth opportunities.

Improved forecast accuracy can be attained through reinforcement learning, a machine learning technique that helps determine which actions will lead to the greatest rewards. Combining the potential of reinforcement learning with human decision making can deliver far more effective forecasting models, for both direct to store and centralized distribution business frameworks.

Learn about:

  • The multi-arm bandit algorithm
  • Demand forecasting for perishable products
  • Determining demand and building a better forecast

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