Best in Class Distinctions


Trade Promotion Optimization

Ease complexity of constraints, objectives and simulation with intuitive process that leads to greater insights and actionable results

IBP flow bag retail clipart

IBP/S&OP Capabilities

Sales volume planning inputs that flow seamlessly into the demand planning/forecast/IBP process and sales insights back to HQ, providing visibility to risks and opportunities.



Cross-functional company engagement to leverage insights, increasing buy-in from internal partners by one version of the truth.


The CPG Industry is in a sweet spot for growth, at least for those who adapt, innovate, and take bold action.

Technology suppliers have been innovating their solutions to support manufacturers and retailers to quickly analyze and optimize pricing, promotion, assortment, and distribution strategies and tactics. The 2021 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama is the best guide to evaluating these solutions and understanding their benefits. The report also provides strategic insights gained from POI’s State of the Industry research and analysis.

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