Notable Stats

Italy - 2 Trillion

The Size of the Problem

Nearly 2 trillion dollars worldwide or the nominal GDP of Italy

Controllable Inventory Disruption amount

Controllable by Retailer

$990 billion dollars lost by controllable issues: systems, processes, training

Inventory Disruption Reduction Amount

Investments find Success

Inventory disruption reduced by $86 billion in consumer staples categories

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About this Ebook 

“It would be easy to look at the top-end data regarding Inventory Distortion and conclude that all the energy and work put into improving the issue has been wasted. But nothing could be further from the truth. While the worldwide cost of Inventory Distortion is on pace to grow $230 billion from 2020 to 2022, overall sales are on pace for a growth of $3.6 trillion in the same period.  

The systems that are being deployed are working, but the massive disruptions due to gaps in the supply chain, shortages in personnel and raw materials, and government shutdowns have only grown the problem worldwide. Government intervention made the problem even worse; retail demand skyrocketed as free money was handed out at the same time that travel and other services were restricted. Then the same governments locked down supply routes, which caused massive shortages. And unless retailers had alternate domestic or near-shore sources for their goods, they were left in the lurch.” 


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