AI Demand Modeling Studio – Simplified access to the world’s best forecasting recently released its AI Demand Modeling Studio for consumer product and retail companies, opening up their best-in-class AI to consumer product and retail companies. This article answers the FAQ about AI Demand Modeling Studio.

What is it?

This solution provides ready-to-go, configurable, and extendable AI models and pipelines for solving essential forecasting needs - including demand forecasting, demand sensing, inventory optimization, promotional forecasting, and replenishment.  

It is a solution

  • That has
    • Highly parameterized, configurable, extendable, production-ready AI models, transformers, pipelines, and integration which are configurable
  • That is
    • Pre-built for specific uses cases
  • That allows for
    • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) for pipeline deployment and experimentation
  • That enables
    • Data science teams to quickly build, maintain, and deploy their own AI model pipelines.

For the car enthusiasts reading this article: This is a fully assembled, extensively road-tested, high-end vehicle straight from the factory that you can take and have your team of experts customize it to your liking.


What will this solution do for me?

Fully assembled baseline ∙ Bring your AI models ∙ Balance experimentation with production timelines

Companies start with AI models and pipelines that are already delivering incredible results at numerous retailers and consumer product companies. These are not generic models that you download from the web, nor will your data science teams have to spend countless hours building and testing models across numerous scenarios.

Yet, data scientists aren't locked out like they are with most software solutions. They have access to change and alter them for their unique needs.  

Additionally, they can seamlessly build models in development, move them to QA, deploy to production, and manage experiments by spinning off memory and processing capacity.


How is this different than other solutions in the market?

When companies want to delve into AI, they have two choices:

They can buy software, but they must accept the results they are given. Even if the UI allows them to change it, they can't change the models or pipeline that produce the results. 

Alternatively, they can buy an AI platform to create, build, and maintain their AI. But these are generic platforms constructed to handle many AI needs – so data scientists must build every project from the ground up, which takes additional time and resources.

We're providing a 3rd option – providing production-ready models, pipeline, and architecture while allowing companies to add their uniqueness and leverage their resources. The client's data science team can augment, extend, tune, and drive continuous improvement of the solution. This solution is the best of SaaS and an AI platform.


Why is this solution necessary now?

The #1 issue consumer product and retail companies face is planning for, anticipating, shaping, and responding to consumer demand. Companies' data science teams are experimenting with AI and machine learning to solve the problem by incorporating better forecasting throughout their demand planning, sensing, order promising, and replenishment processes.

Yet, as the world accelerated, many data scientists are pressed for time by the business.

  • Building and deploying models from scratch is too slow.
  • Being locked out doesn't maximize your data science teams' expertise or value.

We have eliminated these barriers. Now you have the tools used by the world's leading AI forecasting company at your fingertips.


How do I know if I need it?

Ask yourself these key questions.

  • Are you working on AI forecasting use cases but struggling to get them to production? Is the business demanding better results but giving unreasonable timeframes to deliver?
  • Have you been frustrated with AI software solutions providing suboptimal or incomplete results and not fixing their models?
  • How is your company using demand? Do all departments operate independently? Do they use Excel or only time-series methodologies?
  • What is your ideal? Do you believe the path you are on will get you there?


What is supported?

We are COMMITTED to your success. Our philosophy has never been to dump and run, and we refuse to do that. 

Even as you build your models and pipelines and interchange them with ours, our process will ensure you realize results and receive the support you deserve.


What if I don't have a data science team but still need AI for planning, sensing, forecasting, or replenishment?

Our AI software solutions already serve these needs. Our data scientists and implementation team use the AI Demand Modeling Studio to make the necessary adjustments.


How quickly can AI Demand Modeling Studio be adopted?

From pilot through go-live, time-to-value can be accomplished in 12 weeks—however, the more experienced your team, the smoother the project. 


Can I see the solution?

Yes. Reach out to to learn more.