How Walgreens Uses AI to Boost Customer Satisfaction and In-Stock Availability

One highlight of NRF 2023 was our well-received co-presentation with Walgreens Group VP Andy Kettlewell, joining our CEO, Sivakumar Lakshmanan to discuss Walgreens’ landmark AI demand planning transformation—serving 9 million daily customers’ health and wellness needs across almost 9,000 stores nationwide. 

Moving beyond weekly print ads to harness data-driven technology—reaching out to customers via loyalty programs and app-based engagement, leveraging various demand influencers, and hyper-targeted forecasting—AI-powered solutions from enable Walgreens to better shape demand planning around customers’ daily lives. Thanks to easily integrated AI-powered solutions from, Walgreens effectively forecasts customer demand to provide the right inventory, at the right place, at the right time.