The Best Replenishment System…Might Be the One You Already Have

During our very worthwhile appearance at NRF just a few weeks ago, quite a few questions from visitors to our booth revolved around the ongoing challenges affecting retail replenishment.  

Nobody needs to belabor the problem—our post-pandemic economy is still plagued by unwieldy supply chain disruptions, leaving retail customers regularly disappointed with empty shelves—leaving them little choice but to consider competing stores (or online options) for everyday items they rely upon. From shoppers to store managers to C-level leadership, frustration is everywhere. 

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Replenishment - New Thoughts on an Old Problem

A replenishment system's purpose is to place the right amount of inventory at the right place at the right time. It's a basic problem yet requires complex execution. Over the years, product explosion, location additions and contractions, omnichannel shopping, and fulfillment option expansion have made replenishment challenging. And while there has been technological assistance, additional automation, and process refinement, they've all been building on the same premise of adjusting service levels, order points, up-to points, and mix/max guardrails. It's time for a new approach. 

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How Artificial Intelligence Optimizes Merchandising, Pricing, and Replenishment for Omni-channel Retailers

“At each step of the process, planners have access to accurate information which becomes an invaluable tool. Companies that have imbedded AI into their systems have experienced up to 6% improved gross margin and a 10% increase in sell-through,”
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