• Solution Sheet:  Replenishment Optimization

    Enhance replenishment decisions through accurate demand and intelligent processes that spur action and automation.

  • Solution Sheet: Promotion Optimization

    Drive inventory efficiency for omnichannel commerce by easily delivering discounts that please the customer and your bottom line.

  • Solution Sheet: Markdown Optimization

    Make markdown decisions with an actionable workflow and a forecast that understands all demand drivers, including store demand, online fulfillment demand, and returns.

  • Solution Sheet: Size Optimization

    Size Profile Optimization has been around for years, yet the fundamentals of how to "optimize" have proven flawed and imprecise. Now, those prior approaches are obsolete.

  • Solution Sheet:  Intelligent Order Promising

    Ensure priority retail partners receive their fair share of the supply. Through antuit.ai’s Intelligent Order Promising Solution, businesses intelligently prioritize, promise, and allocate their inventory across all sales channels, including DTC.

  • Solution Sheet:  Allocation for Retailers

    Create Optimized Allocations to meet Hyper-Local Demand

  • Solution Sheet: Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

    Antuit.ai provides comprehensive, unified, and specialized solutions to optimize inventory and demand predictions for the entire product lifecycle.

  • Solution Sheet: Demand Forecasting & Planning for Retail

    Employing a Unified Demand Signal, Antuit provides a highly accurate demand forecast for every type of product at any point in time.

  • Solution Sheet: Demand Forecasting for CPG

    Antuit’s best in class forecast analyzes every demand driver to determine the real need for a product at any point in time.

  • Solution Sheet: Demand Sensing for CPG

    Antuit's solution bridges the gap between short-term planning and everyday execution with SKU/Location/Day forecasts.

  • Solution Sheet: Demand Planning for CPG

    Drive efficiencies and respond better to market changes through AI-powered collaborative demand planning.

  • Solution Sheet: Amazon Channel Forecasting

    Improve your sales and placements with accurate forecasts for the largest CPG e-commerce channel.

  • Solution Sheet: Assortment Optimization for Retail

    Antuit's AI-powered Assortment Optimization transforms retailers' assortment planning.

  • Solution Sheet: DSD Predictive Ordering for CPG

    Antuit’s direct-store-delivery solution ensures your sales team and route operators meet customer needs every time.