Demand more accurate forecasting and smarter fulfillment.

Your customers have more connections, information and options than ever before. How do you differentiate yourself in such a complex, competitive world? The answer lies in getting more from your data and being responsive by leveraging technology and the smartest advanced analytics to uncover valuable insights and, ultimately, understand how to delight customers. We generate a precise demand signal using AI and machine learning that can be combined with the right mix of automation versus human insights. We help you integrate new analytics-driven capabilities into your company’s operations, where the results speak for themselves.

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Understand Demand Better

With digital first players wowing customers with speed and agility, you require an accurate forecast to retain market share and grow. Antuit leverages a combination of traditional time-series and modern machine learning techniques to extract predictive patterns in your data. We deploy solutions that can learn and self-tune to generate an accurate forecast, enhancing services levels and reduce costs.

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Unified Demand Signal

Demand drivers such as promotion data and store display information are often kept in multiple systems, as well, forecasts generated by various business functions use different sets of data and assumptions. This leads to disconnected decisions across the organization. We can create a central hub for your demand drivers that generate demand forecasts at various levels of product and location, acting as the single source of the truth.

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Optimize Your Inventory

For B2C and B2B businesses alike, you must have the right inventory not just at the right place and right time, but also the right level. If you can achieve that, you’ll boost growth and profitability. We provide simulation-based validation of inventory levels to de-risk impacts such as slow and obsolete inventory (SLOB) to avoid continual inventory write-offs. When used as a what-if analysis layer, we create the ability to understand the inventory investments required to meet service levels.

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Assortment Optimization

Leverage AI to tailor assortments for local demand. Antuit deciphers your customers’ shopping choices, intelligently clusters your stores, and balances it against your merchandising strategies, items’ roles, and physical constraints. Automation and scalability enable retailers with continuous assortment planning cycles to rapidly refresh their merchandise to meet their customer demand.

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Omnichannel Store Analytics

Retailers cannot adequately measure store performance or make informed decisions if measurement occurs in a silo. Interconnected insights, powered by persona-based dashboards, drive impactful decisions across various store functions. To account for the variation of responsibilities and processes across retailers, the configurable solution, along with a story-board process, drives rapid adoption while easing management of the solution.

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