Demand Forecasting & Replenishment

Improve Market Responsiveness and Inventory Turn

  • Algorithms forecast a variety of products with different demand patterns
  • Forecast senses changing market conditions utilizing internal and external data sources to fulfill and replenish orders
  • User Interface highlights where additional attention is required, improving productivity, increasing adoption, and lowering overrides
  • AI models easily consume nearly limitless data sources empowering precision and market responsiveness
  • Single, accurate demand signal unifies predictions across enterprise functions


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Increased sales and margins

through better replenishment driven by a 15-20% reduction in forecast error

Instilled confidence in predictions

as reflected by a 25-75% reduction in planner overrides

Unlocked millions in capital

by reducing safety stock and on-hand inventory by 15-20%

A More Accurate Forecast

Many retailers struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet even those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their merchandising and supply chain processes
In this short video presentation, Nicholas Wegman PhD explains how to overcome these challenges.
Watch the 1-minute summary video.

Demand Forecasting in Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

If you can’t understand demand drivers and impacts, you can’t anticipate the right actions.

An accurate, common demand engine, that evaluates all demand drivers to produce a Unified Demand Signal is the heart of omnichannel inventory optimization.

Download Solution Sheet (PDF)