Lifecycle Pricing

Pricing for Fashion, Specialty and Seasonal Businesses

  • Drive value from pricing by connecting in-season and liquidation pricing with a unified view of demand
  • Promotional and in-season pricing drives sales, market share, and profit
  • Markdown optimization increases margins and sell-through with cleaner seasonal transitions
  • Omnichannel aware pricing optimizes inventory and service level while enhancing margin
  • Workflow provides visibility and strategic control for improved productivity and adoption.


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Maximized in-season inventory flow

by increasing sell-through by 20% while still improving margins

Reduced markdown liabilities

which manifested into 4% more gross margin

Lowered carrying costs

as shown through a 50% reduction in days-on-hand inventory

Capitalize on Omnichannel Pricing and Fulfillment

Fulfill demand and provide exceptional customer service while maximizing margin with knowledge of future demand, price, and inventory
David Barach provides a short overview how retailers can capitalize on this, while avoiding a quagmire being overwhelmed by individual detail decisions.
Watch the 1-minute summary video.

Lifecycle Pricing in Omnichannel Inventory Optimization

Rethink pricing in omnichannel.

When determining in-season, promotional, and clearance pricing, incorporate omnichannel demand along with localized demand into your pricing decisions.

Additionally, take future price demands and inventory levels into account when determining your order fulfillment location decisions.

Practical, yet sophisticated solutions.

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