Demand Sensing

Anticipate Changes and Improve OTIF

  • Anticipate and manage disruptions with accurate short-term forecasting at the pace of execution
  • Granular AI forecast, down to SKU / Location / Day
  • Increase warehouse fill-rates and improve logistics planning
  • Improve On Time In Full deliveries
  • Consumption-based forecast provides responsiveness to consumer demand and shifting demand patterns
  • Incorporates the latest data avaailable including promotions, local events, retailers inventory, POS, and weather


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Enhanced operational responsiveness

with a 2500 BPS improvement of daily forecast accuracy

Reduced unplanned shipping costs

due to 10% fewer expedites

Improved warehouse fill rates

with a 1500 BPS gain of forecast accuracy

DSD Predictive Ordering

Delivery Store Orders Perfectly Aligned to Consumer Demand

  • Precision delivery to the shelf for every Store / SKU / Day
  • Reduce lost sales, returns, waste
  • Increase revenue, margin, sustainability
  • Intuitive, modern, and simple UI for efficient ordering by frontline sales staff - deployable on either a laptop or tablet
  • AI-powered replenishment ordering, based on real world constraints and rules for DSD & Retail customers


Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

Predicted what consumers wanted

on an hourly basis with a 20% improvement of SKU/Store accuracy

3% improvement of profit margins

realized by having the right inventory in stores at the right time

Scaled for global sales operations

and supported 10,000+ parallel users

Consumer Demand- The Only Demand Worth Forecasting

Overreliance on historical sales, shipments, or retail orders fails to sense consumer demand shifts, leaving orders unfilled. Companies must start using external, leading indicators to sense consumer demand and shifts

Watch this 1-minute summary video to understand why.

Consumer Sensing - From The Experts

Joe Vernon, Capgemini America Retail and CPG Transformation Leader, and Siva Lakshmanan, EVP Forecasting & Digital Supply Chain, discuss next generation forecasting, Consumption Sensing, and how it detects consumer behavior shifts much more quickly and accurately than traditional methods.

A More Accurate Forecast

Many companies struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet of those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their processes.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Nicholas Wegman explains how to overcome these challenges. 

Watch the 1-minute summary video.