Trade Promotion Optimization

Identify the Next Best Action

  • Optimize trade investments across channels, accounts, and tactics based on frequency, depth, placement, and offering
  • Leverage a base forecast with demand drivers that explain investment effectiveness
  • Evaluate trade promotion benefits with predictive measures for ROI, uplift %, revenue, and volume down to the Promotional Product Group or SKU level
  • Conduct scenario and post event analysis to better plan account execution with driver impact, strategy matrix, and investment trade-offs


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22% improvement of ROI

achieved by eliminating promotions that did not add value

14% additional revenue

reached via creating basket building and traffic driving promotions

20% increase of unit sales

attained by creating offers that consumers respond to

Commercial ROI

Optimize your Marketing Mix

  • Optimize your marketing mix with an evaluation of the return on investment across shopper, trade, and media spend
  • Conduct simulation to balance allocation of investments across channels, accounts, and brands to maximize ROI and sales attribution
  • Insights at a national and store level down to the brand, event, week across hundreds of tactics
  • Efficiently balance the art and science of planning sales growth, account investments, and marketing trade-offs from a more granular consumer-centric view


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4x gains in overall sales attribution

accomplished by reallocating spend to effective channels and media

$14M improvement in revenue

realized by focusing on media that drove consumer purchases