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Big Data & The Long Tail: How Larger Data Sets Uncover Previously Inaccessible Opportunities

As is all too common with big data, many enterprises are failing to realize opportunities because they’re hidden in their information chains. Understanding the nuances of leveraging big data is hugely important, as are the economic repercussions.

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Adapting Business Processes to the New Paradigm of Data Velocity

Big data moves faster, changes more rapidly, and has the potential to provide deep insights that weren’t previously possible. It makes sense, therefore, to adapt our business processes to handle big data and data velocity.

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Data Your Way: The Many Advantages of an Elastic Data Hub Architecture

Success today is all about data: collecting it, harmonizing it, analyzing it, and quickly making the smartest business moves in response to it. In fact, a McKinsey study revealed that organizations that embrace customer analytics strategies have been shown to outperform their competitors and improve their corporate performance. An elastic data hub architecture can make those benefits a reality for your organization through greater speed, power and flexibility.

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