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Hadoop Hits the Wall of Reality

The big news in the big data ecosystem, as of late, is the recent merger between Cloudera and Hortonworks. As expected, there are many varied opinions on what the unification means for both the merged companies, as well as the future of Hadoop.

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Big Data Streaming: An Evolutionary Leap in Advanced Analytics

There’s a common misconception that big data analysis is driven purely by the innovation of new data mining and machine learning algorithms. And although these are critical components of big data, they’re just one piece of big data analysis.

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Small Insights from Big Data: Using Data to Deliver Targeted, Actionable Intelligence to the Front Lines

Big data shouldn’t mean big reports. On the contrary, big data should reveal key insights that are easily digestible for your team. It should enable you to take action that you’re confident can drive results for your enterprise.

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