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How Behavior Change Within the Enterprise Can Mitigate the Bullwhip Effect

In 1956, considerable fluctuations in production, inventories and profit baffled managers in General Electric’s household appliance division. Despite supervisory efforts, the variations endured. Traditionally, managers blamed these types of fluctuations on external causes, like business cycles.

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It’s The Customer, Stupid & Other Takeaways from INBOUND 2018

We were among the 24,000+ descending on Boston last week for HubSpot's annual marketing conference. Over four days, we joined participants from 100+ countries to deepen our knowledge in marketing, selling and delighting customers in an INBOUND way.

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Demand Analytics: Deliver Measurable Financial Results

For enterprise companies, data can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, well-curated and organized data has the potential to unlock great insights, from unexpected customer behaviors to missed market opportunities. On the other hand, poorly handled data can mislead and distract—a problem that only grows with the more data you have at your disposal.

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