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New Tools for New Challenges

Shopping—as we once knew it—has changed forever. And with it, the art and science of providing the right product at the right place and time has become even more complicated for retailers everywhere. 

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Restoring Available to Promise through Intelligent Order Promising

Everyone needs an escape. Something, anything, to take your mind off your current situation and recharge. Mine is carpentry. While I am no professional or craftsman, I've restored a 70-year-old dining table and built desks as well as a bench so I can enjoy my lemon trees inside. I’ve even fixed a pre-World War 2 dresser, which contained a fabulous surprise, but more on that later. Restoration is my passion. It's a great feeling bringing something back by stripping away the layers of paint, reconstructing lost parts, and rediscovering the beauty of the design. You learn a lot in this process.

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