IDC MarketScape: Retail Pricing Optimization Solutions


Effective retail price optimization is essential for increasing profitability, driving revenue, and enhancing customer satisfaction. As we navigate through the economic aftermath of the pandemic—inflation, supply chain uncertainties, and other lingering disruptions, successful retailers are leveraging advanced, data-driven price optimization solutions. We’re proud to be featured as a top-ranking vendor in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Retail Price Optimization Solutions 2023 Vendor Assessment. This annual IDC report is an indispensable guide for retailers looking to get ahead of the competition.

Market Overview  
The data science behind retail price optimization has undergone rapid improvement, with the latest solutions providing capabilities to synchronize with fluctuating pricing requirements of present-day retailers. Several cutting-edge developments in modern price optimization include AI-powered promotional tactics, flexible lifecycle pricing, and seamless integration with supply chain forecasting, inventory/allocation, and other retail management functions. 

The relationship between price optimization and streamlined inventory can significantly enhance a retailer's profitability and customer satisfaction. Yet a major obstacle for retailers is refining massive amounts of disorganized or obsolete data as well as finding the agility to fully align automated pricing strategies to fluctuating market conditions. Additionally, retailers must strike a balance between profitability and customer satisfaction to maintain their respective positioning for value and quality.  

Meanwhile, technological roadblocks and organizational pushback also present a stumbling block, as some retailers may lack the necessary resources or tools to utilize price optimization. By proactively addressing these hurdles, retailers can implement more streamlined inventory management practices that drive profitability and customer loyalty. 

A Prestigious Industry Benchmark
While more vendors enter the price optimization market, we’re pleased to be recognized in this year’s IDC MarketScape report among leading providers. Our AI-based demand forecasting engine provides a comprehensive, end-to-end pricing strategy that covers in-season, promotional, and clearance pricing. Retailers can use our AI-driven forecasting engine both independently and as part of other use cases.  

Our continued success within the fashion and seasonal segments has attracted premium clients and enabled us to disseminate our demand forecasting and price optimization technology broadly. Our recent acquisition by Zebra Technologies in October 2021 further extends our reach into the retail price optimization market, while Zebra expands its retail and software capabilities within its portfolio. 

Future Outlook  
In light of the ever-changing retail landscape, price optimization has emerged as a vital tool for retailers to remain competitive. In the years ahead, the retail industry will witness a revolution in AI and machine learning technologies, greater integration with other aspects of retail operations, and a greater emphasis on life-cycle pricing models. These developments will significantly shape the future of retail price optimization. 

In today’s fast-paced market, the success of your business and your customers' satisfaction depends significantly on optimizing your prices. The IDC MarketScape report emphasizes the importance of staying abreast of trends and awareness of leading providers, such as, in the industry. By doing so, retail executives can make well-informed decisions that will enhance their pricing strategies and positively impact their business performance. Don't miss out on the benefits that retail price optimization has to offer. Be up-to-date and stay ahead of the competition.