The Power of AI to Improve Online Customer Order Fulfillment Efficiency


Retailers are experiencing a 100% increase in online sales, but six to eight percentage points of margin loss. At NAEOS20 Yogesh Kulkarni explained how to anticipate demand, properly place and flow inventory, and manage fulfillment to maximize margins and improve the customer experience.


In the presentation he:

  • Frames the challenges retailers face as they embrace eCommerce as a growth driver
  • Illustrates how margin pressures from online orders are escalating
  • Shows how AI can anticipate demand to properly place inventory in stores and DCs, striking a balance between future demand and markdown liability
  • Demonstrates how AI can address the cost and complexity of fulfilling orders while maintaining margin and customer service levels
  • Provides examples of retailers who are leading the way with these new tools
Download Presenation Slides (PDF)