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Finding Profit in Omnichannel

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New fulfillment options, safety protocols, and digital order volumes are squeezing retailers' margins. While the overall retail industry continues to grow, specific segments, such as fashion and consumer electronics, struggle under reduced sales and profits. For 2020, McKinsey & Co. projected a 93% drop in profitability for the fashion industry. With revenue still below 2019 levels and rising fulfillment costs, retailers need to improve margins and become more profitable through omnichannel investments.

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Solving the Digital Demand Disruption in Retail

At a recent event, was asked how retailers can maximize their inventory value given the rise of omnichannel. Watch this cut-down video summary where COO Yogesh Kulkarni provides a case study of a $2.5 Billion, multi-branded fashion retailer.

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The Power of AI to Improve Online Customer Order Fulfillment Efficiency

Retailers are experiencing a 100% increase in online sales, but six to eight percentage points of margin loss. At NAEOS20 Yogesh Kulkarni explained how to anticipate demand, properly place and flow inventory, and manage fulfillment to maximize margins and improve the customer experience.

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