Demand Forecasting

Anticipate and Respond to Consumer Demand Shifts

  • Consumption-based forecasting rapidly senses changing market conditions utilizing internal and external data sources to fulfill & replenish orders
  • Algorithms support a variety of products with different demand patterns including e-commerce, food, beverage, health, beauty, and consumer electronics products
  • Combines deep learning, tree-based, and time series, models
  • AI models easily consume nearly limitless data sources empowering precision and market responsiveness
  • Single, accurate demand signal unifies predictions across enterprise functions


Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

Improved OTIF and ATP

with a 2700 BPS increase in forecast accuracy

$60M increase in EBITDA

achieved by reducing inventory and increasing sales

3% reduction in food waste

saving millions annually by aligning shelf stock to consumer demand

Demand Planning

Efficiently Predict and Manage Disruptions

  • Increase productivity through “no-touch” demand planning
  • Anticipate and respond to shifting market trends
  • Focus on critical areas and anomalies through a unified AI forecast and Machine Learning driven workflow
  • Extract maximum predictability from the available data
  • Improve On Time In Full (OTIF) deliveries while reducing planning time
  • Enhanced resolution management when plans and forecasts do not match expectations
  • “AI in the UI”; the user interface leverages AI to highlight which products need human intervention


Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

Improved operational efficiency

by going from 0% to 60% ‘no touch’ demand planning

Increased market responsiveness

by reducing planning time by 15%

Enhanced organizational collaboration

and achieved a 10% gain in planner productivity

Amazon-Channel Forecasting

Improve E-commerce Order Predictability

  • Improve order predictability and fulfillment rates for Amazon and other 3rd party ecommerce channels
  • Seamlessly incorporate Amazon or ecommerce specific data
  • Multi-stage models analyze hundreds of data points to predict the consumer demand and then prescribe the order quantity


Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

Boosted ecommerce channel sales

with a 2x improvement of forecast accuracy

Maximized order predictability

with a 3000 BPS increase in forecast accuracy

A More Accurate Forecast

Many companies struggle to decipher explainable data within the noise of their historical data. Yet of those that do, many still fail to gain the full value from their demand predictions if they aren’t used throughout their processes.

In this short video presentation, Dr. Nicholas Wegman explains how to overcome these challenges.

Watch the 1-minute summary video.


Consumer Demand – The Only Demand Worth Forecasting

Over reliance on historical sales, shipments, or retail orders fail to sense consumer demand shifts, leaving orders unfilled. Companies must start using external, leading indicators to sense consumer demand and shifts.

Watch this 1-minute summary video to understand why.

Consumption Sensing – from the Experts

Joe Vernon, Capgemini America Retail and CPG Transformation Leader, and Siva Lakshmanan, EVP Forecasting & Digital Supply Chain, discuss next-generation forecasting, Consumption Sensing, and how it detects consumer behavior shifts much more quickly and accurately than traditional methods.