We enhance your assortment planning

With comprehensive, attribute-based, omnichannel analysis to generate localized assortments


Predict demand for all products, including new, slow-moving, and seasonal goods.


Leverage attributes to cluster, forecast, and determine consumer preferences.


Plan while balancing online, store, and fulfillment demand.


Drive profitable, localized assortments that cater to your customers’ tastes.

Assortment Optimization

Enhanced Assortment Planning

  • Build a plan aligned to omnichannel demand: store, online, and fulfillment demand
  • Identify missed sales and inventory opportunities
  • Uncover product attributes that drive customer purchase decisions
  • Use risk analysis to optimize for assortment depth and breadth
  • Gain efficiencies through automation and data harmonization


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Identified assortment opportunities

increasing customer loyalty and resulting in 3% additional revenue

Improved decision-making efficiency

through integration, automation, and AI that led to 4% more margin

Aligned assortment to local & fulfillment demand

achieving 5% improvement in unit sales and fewer markdowns

Size Optimization

Gain Size Profile Precision in your Assortment

  • Eliminate the flaws of prior size profile optimization tools
  • Predict omnichannel demand for all products across channels and locations
  • Distinguish size demand for each omnichannel fulfillment option
  • Scientifically extrapolate demand across sizes when a size set changes
  • Intelligently rationalize store clusters and avoid large stores overly influencing the results
  • Utilize flexible hierarchies that reflect customer behavior
  • Integrate profiles across planning, ordering and replenishment processes
Download Solution Sheet (PDF)

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