• In the News: Progressive Grocer - Jan 12, 2020

    lNRF Day 1: Top 5 Takeaways
    Mike Troy, Editorial Director of Progressive Grocer, showcases antuit.ai’s Yogesh Kulkarni, EVP of Marketing & Pricing Analytics, in creating the top takeaways from retail’s biggest event, NRF2020.

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  • In the News: Antuit.ai Acquires Forecast Horizon

    The acquisition makes antuit.ai not only the dominant player, but also a one-stop-shop for AI-powered merchandising and planning solutions for fashion/apparel, footwear and specialty retailers.
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  • In the News: Antuit.ai Included in Forrester’s Now Tech: Retail Planning

    As the #1 AI merchandising & planning company, antuit.ai is included within Forrester’s report that helps guide retailers in evaluating planning solution providers.

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  • In the News: Chain Store Age - Nov 2019

    Expert Opinions: Retail Predictions 2020
    Antuit’s CEO, Craig Silverman, was asked along with several other respected retail experts what 2020 will bring.  Read all of the retail experts' answers and predictions.

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  • In the News: CIO Review India - May 2019

    The Future Of Devops
    As DevOps expands into the mainstream, it must adapt to the market’s emphasis on security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. How should companies evolve their approach?

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