• You Need AI, Not Just Automation, to Get Inventory Right as Consumer Demand Shifts

    Grocers rely on right-sized inventory and replenishment more than any other retailer. Antuit.ai’s David Hawkings looks at the essential role of AI-powered demand intelligence solutions in this guest opinion.   

  • How Antuit.ai Supports Retail with AI Technology

    Senior VP David Hawkings provides a Q&A overview of antuit.ai solutions for retailers and CPG companies, plus our role with our new parent company, Zebra Technologies.

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  • Demand Planning is All About Who You Are, Not Just What You Do

    Antuit.ai’s David Kane discusses why CPG companies realize the “old ways” of demand forecasting just aren’t working anymore—and the solution requires more than a rip-and-replace of outmoded tools.

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  • Antuit.ai on AI & Predictions in the Manufacturing Sector

    Antuit.ai Senior VP David Hawkings looks at how CPG inventory planners can leverage AI and machine learning to more accurately predict what other humans will actually buy.

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  • CPG Checklist: Supply Chain Safeguards

    With every CPG company scrambling to get ahead of historic supply chain disruptions, antuit.ai CEO Sivakumar Lakshmanan shares his thoughts on why AI/ML demand forecasting solutions are more valuable than ever.

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  • Four Ways to Better Inventory Planning That Go Beyond Tech

    Antuit.ai’s David Kane outlines a four-point strategy for CPGs to overcome today’s supply disruptions via AI-powered demand forecasting solutions in this guest opinion for Supply Chain Brain.

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