• There is More Than One Way to Manage Customer Data

    This article looks at PacSun’s unique omnichannel ship-from-store challengeswhere AI-powered demand forecasting from antuit.ai streamlined online ordersat lower costs.  

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  • AI and Machine Learning are Transforming Inventory Optimization

    In an interview, our CEO Sivakumar Lakshmanan discusses how consumer trends that once spanned years now occur over months—making data-driven forecasting more vital than ever. 

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  • Holiday Retail Forecasts and Predictions for 2022

    What can retailers expect in an unsettled 2022 holiday season? Our CEO,Sivakumar Lakshmanan, weighs in with other industry experts in the annual forecast from RIS. 

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  • “What’s your best tip for retailers pivoting to direct-to-consumer (DTC) fulfillment?”

    Antuit.ai VP - Pricing Solutions David Barach weighs in on the topicwith other senior-level pricing/supply chain professionals in Inbound Logistics. 

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  • Bringing AI to Inventory Optimization

    Spurred by Gartner’s conference, Bob Trebilcock breaks from convention and interviews Siva Lakshmanan to learn aboutantuit.ai’s approach for supply chain planning. 

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  • Top 3 Actions for CPG Brands to Overcome Supply Chain Imbalances

    Supply chain disruptions are wreaking havoc on outmoded ATP plans. Antuit.ai’s David Kane outlines three first steps CPG companies can take to regain control via Intelligent Order Processing (IOP). 

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