• Food and beverage companies must leverage AI to counter supply chain disruption

    Sometimes complex problems require out of the box thinking, technology adoption is usually outside that box. Sivakumar Lakshmanan outlines how struggling food and beverage companies are trying to compete in a complex landscape riddle with disruptions. Looking at the AI-powered solution Intelligent Order Promising, Siva shares how this solution is instantaneously adding value to adopters from the start.

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  • Fit for fashion - the importance of size allocation and maintaining customer loyalty

    Summer is around the corner and time for a new pair of running shoes, maybe this year you even spring for the high-end model. Check out sports retailer one and they are out, shoe store two is out, and frustrated driving you onto the internet to shop. No one has your size. Anywhere. David Hawking shares thoughts on the importance of understanding size allocation and the resounding impact it has on retailers and their customers.

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  • Can CPGs achieve order to promise?

    David Hawkings brings a new perspective to the work of tradition Available to Promise systems through a new AI-powered solution known as Intelligent Order Processing (IOP). Sharing the view of reduced costs, greater up time with reduced risks of down time, and most importantly the ability for brands to get consumers what they want, when they want it, where they want it. IOP has the potential to reimagine sustainable growth in today’s complex market.

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  • When Foot Traffic Came To A Crawl, PacSun Turned to Predictive Analytics

    The key to success is understanding both your markets and customers. What people want, when, where, and how to get it in their hands. Sitting down with MarketScale, co-CEOs Mike Relich (PacSun) and Yogesh Kulkarni (antuit.ai) they discussed the importance of not only strong partnerships, but also aligning to achieve desired outcomes.

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  • Retail Tech: Pacsun Optimizes Store Fulfillment, Vera Bradley Taps AI Assortment Planning

    Showcasing the importance of partnership is exactly what Sourcing Journal editor Glenn Taylor hit on in their highlight of PacSun and Antuit.ai. Outlined within are how PacSun co-CEO Mike Relich improved many aspects of their digital store and the overall impact it had on their brick-and-mortar store fronts. Understanding demand leads to better allocation and fulfillment.

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  • How Leading CPG Companies Win with AI-Powered Intelligent Order Promising

    Avoiding OTIF penalties is becoming more challenging as the supply chain issues increase for a variety of reasons. This leaves CPG brands struggling to get a handle on any type of solution, but according to Sivakumar Lakshmanan, utilization of AI empowered Available to Promise solutions will greatly reduce those costs and increase margins.

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