Improve Assortment Mix

Craft localized assortment mix for your customers and business strategies
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Increase Margins with Effective Prices and Promotions

Improve pricing for apparel, footwear and seasonal merchandise
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Optimize Allocations & Fulfillment

Boost inventory return by placing and fulfilling inventory from the ideal location
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Hyper-Personalize Offers & Messages at Scale

Engage every person with 1:1 offers & messages
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Real AI. Real Results. Real Expertise.

We deliver substantial benefits at scale. Read more about our client successes.

For a Global Apparel & Footwear Retailer

20% Sell-through & 4% GM from Pricing

From Personalized Marketing

$80 Million in Revenue from 1:1 Personalization

For a Fashion Retailor

80% Increase in week sales from Markdown Optimization

Reinvigorating Retail

Fresh, Practical Innovation for Retailers

Omnichannel Inventory Optimization Introduction

Realize profitable results in today's omnichannel retailing through coordinated optimization between pricing, allocation, and fulfillment. Chief Products Officer Kaushik Katari explains how.

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Delivering the Future of AI Merchandising

AI is rapidly adding productivity and unleashing innovation and creativity.

In this short video presentation, Yogesh Kulkarni and Kaushik Katari, explain how uniquely brings AI solutions to users to solve retail challanges.

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Programmatic Personalization is the answer to Poor Customer Engagement

Why is it that 78% of customers are frustrated by untargeted and irrelevant marketing and communication from brands' campaigns despite brands spending over $100 billion? But better yet, what do you do?

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Solutions for Retail

AI Powered, Cloud-based SaaS Solutions

Allocation & Fulfillment Optimization

Improve Revenue, Margins, Sell-Through, and Customer Service Levels
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Assortment Planning & Optimization

Improve your Assortment Strategy & Mix
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Demand Forecasting & Replenishment

Improve Market Responsiveness and Inventory Turn
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Life Cycle Pricing

Pricing for Fashion, Specialty, and Seasonal Businesses
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Improve Customer Engagement, Drive Sales, and Lower Overhead Costs
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Case Studies

Belk Fashions: An Analytics-Driven...

Improved top-line growth and gross margin with a single, accurate enterprise demand signal.

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Global Footwear & Sports Apparel...

Increased sell-though by 10% while boosting gross margins by 6% with markdown optimization.

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Leading Restaurant Chain Capitalizes on...

Increased sales by $5m to $7m a month with improved messaging, targeting and personalization.

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Luxury Ecommerce Retailer Improves...

Improved marketing ROI by 5-20% across portfolio by identifying and engaging high-value...

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