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Eliminating Supply Chain Pain Through Consumption Data

Where does it hurt? Everywhere.

We all knew that there were challenges because of supply chain disruptions, but one thing sums it up.1

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Infographic: Managing Inventory Shortages

Consumer product companies can improve fill rate of key customers by 4-5%. Read this infographic to understand why 68% of supply chain executives rate solutions like intelligent order promising as important.

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Video:  This Isn’t Another Pricing Tool

While it may be new for some, AI pricing is already proven in the market and listed as a top AI technology for companies. But for those familiar or unfamiliar with the solution, what can you expect? And what does’s solution deliver?

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Why Santa Uses

Santa believes in! See why the world’s largest toymaker uses to assist in his planning and supply chain operations.

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Charts: 2020 Retail Sales Impact

Countless headlines shouted about 2020 retail sales impacts, but how dramatic have those impacts been? What does a 30% increase in growth mean to business operations? Have things begun to stabilize or normalize? What are retailers and consumer products companies that supply those retailers doing to adjust? Based on US Census data and other industry sources, the charts below provide a visual representation of 2020 retail sales and information on what to expect going forward.

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