• CPG Manufacturer Improves Fulfillment with IOP

    Streamlined ATP fulfillment resulting in 10x ROI from lower OTIF penalties.

  • PACSUN Boosts Inventory Efficiency and Lowers Costs

    Profitably transformed their business in the face of increased online shopping and fulfillment options.

  • Goodpack Transforms S&OP with Artificial Intelligence

    Improved forecast accuracy by 5-12% and reduced transportation costs by 14-17% for annual savings.

  • Belk Finds Millions in Value through Advanced Analytics

    Improved top-line growth and gross margin with a single, accurate enterprise demand signal.

  • Forecasting Improves Beverage Company’s Promotional Decisions

    Improved promotional planning decisions with a more accurate predictive lens for decision making.

  • Footwear & Apparel Retail Increases Sell-Thru and Margins

    Increased sell-though by 10% while boosting gross margins by 6% with markdown optimization.

  • Beverage Company Improves Gross Profit with a Promotions Strategy

    Increased promotional volumes, gaining millions in additional sales and savings across three channels.

  • Nutritional Products Company Improves Financial Health

    Increased campaign ROI and revenue lift per store by focusing promotions for success.
  • Beverage Company Improves Margins and Market Share

    Improved sales and a margin while growing market share in a competitive category.